Arts and Technology

'Arts and Technology Moorestown Township Public Schools' next to an image of an artist's palette (made out of circuit board) with a brush.

Instruction within arts as well as technology enriches the aesthetic perception of one’s environment while encouraging creative, intellectual and social growth which, in turn, prepares and provides students with the skills necessary for success in the 21
st century.

The Arts & Technology Department over-arches four main areas: Visual & Performing Arts, Business & Career Education, Educational Technology/Computers, and Technology Education.

Enriched/Honors Visual & Performing Arts:
Moorestown offers several select ensembles and visual arts programs grades 4-12. Students are invited into Enriched/Honors Visual and Performing Arts programs based on student evaluation (performance audition, drawing prompt, or portfolio review depending on student grade-level and program). 

HS Course Advancement:
High school students may attempt to accelerate beyond a prerequisite course to enroll in the next course by demonstrating practice and proficiency via a performance audition, portfolio review, or course exam as determined by the department supervisor/designee.

Honors Studio II Portfolio Requirements - Submission Due by 5/17/19 for 19-20 School Year

Intro to CAD and Architecture Course Exam- Assessment Skills

Mrs. Patricia Rowe
District Supervisor, Arts & Technology

Visual & Performing Arts
Business & Careers
Educational Technology/Computers
Technology Education