PARCC Testing at Moorestown Schools
PARCC is the "Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers".  It is a group of states (including New Jersey) that came together to create a set of assessments to measure students' readiness for life beyond their K-12 education.  PARCC assessments are computer-based, allowing for more dynamic and engaging questions and adding accessibility features for all students.

During the 2013-2014 school year, several groups of students at the UES and MHS participated in a "field test" of the PARCC assessment.  This field test allowed Pearson (the company hosting the online PARCC Tests) to make sure their systems were performing well and also allow schools across the country to become familiar with the testing process and ensure their technology infrastructure was adequate for online testing.  These field tests went well for MTPS.

Beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, students in grades 3-11 took the PARCC assessment.  Details on each year's testing schedule and other information will be released as they become available.

For more information:
PARCC Data Year One: A Study Year (Nov. 2015 update)

As discussed in our meetings last year, we will proceed carefully with the use of PARCC data in the first few testing cycles.  We all have many questions regarding the mountain of data coming our way; it will be our practice to study the data at the district and school levels first in order to better understand how the PARCC assessment may be used to measure and improve our programs and curriculum. The administrative team will be attending workshops over the next three months that will assist us in understanding how best to drill down into the data. We will then work with classroom teachers to do the same.  This is a huge learning curve for all of us.  We will need ample time and space in order to do this well.

The New Jersey Department of Education is scheduled to begin releasing the data in portions throughout November and December of this year.   Over the next six weeks, we anticipate receiving the district data and individual score reports (ISR) for students.  The links below will provide you with a view of mock student reports to begin to familiarize yourself with how they will look for your child(ren). As we shared with the community last spring, individual PARCC results will not be used for placement until we are comfortable and confident that it truly represents the student's knowledge and skill.

We will continue to keep you apprised of our progress and of the timelines for dissemination of the student-level data.  We are also planning programs much like the ones we did last year for the PARCC administration to discuss the use of data.  Stay posted.

District-wide presentation concerning Common Core & PARCC - ​02/09/2015