All Stadium Sports Banner Program

MHS Stadium
Banner Program Details

Cost to sponsors for a 3'x5' banner is $795.00 for both Spring and Fall Seasons. Yearly Banner Renewal Cost $720.00. Renew through PayPal here: 

All MHS sports teams can participate in the Banner Program regardless of the season or field they play. The distribution of funds is $75 for banner fabrication and mounting hardware, 20% to the Board of Education for sports related expenses and the balance is allocated to the team selected by the Sponsor (this can be divided evenly between multiple teams).

There are over 100 events at the stadium for both the Spring and Fall Seasons. The banners will be installed along the fence that surrounds the stadium playing field. Sponsors may select a section where they would like to place their banner but banners are first come first serve.

Stadium Diagram - Section B (Visitor's seating) at top, Section D (Home Seating) at bottom, Section A behind left end-zone, and section C behind right end zone

Banner Details:

  • The banner can contain a company logo, website and phone number. All having a white background with sponsor directed font and layout. Please remember simple layouts are typically easier to read from a distance and more effective.
  • Size is 3'x5'
  • The BOE reserves the right to only accept sponsors whose companies are consistent with the values of our educational system. Banner layout will be approved by the BOE before fabrication.
  • Additional Banner Details Form 

Three Steps to Banner Sponsorship:
1) Complete and Submit the Banner Sponsor Order Form
2) Complete and Submit Payment through PayPal
3) Complete and Submit the Additional Banner Details Form

 See you at the Game!

All Stadium Sports Banner Program

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All completed and submitted forms receive a confirmation e-mail. You will be directed to PayPal once you submit your order. Payment is expected before banner fabrication. 


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