CASA is a local organization dedicated to preventing substance abuse tragedies in Moorestown. Funded, in part, by the Governor’s Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, CASA develops and runs prevention programs for our local community. As a supportive group for the school district, CASA advocates for alcohol and drug prevention projects for students and their families.

Among the many projects CASA runs:

  • Parent Connection: Workshops, a book club, and retreats for parents of teenagers
  • Project Graduation: An all-night, drug-free celebration for graduating high school seniors
  • Homework Support: Intervention aimed at keeping younger students in school and free from drugs
  • “Alcohol and Drug-Free” Alternative Activities for Youth: All-Night Dodge Ball, Sober Super Bowl, Teen Lock-Ins, Movie Night at the Recreation Department, Battle-of-the-Bands, and more
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters: Mentors and Tutors for young people
  • After-school Programs: Specifically targeting middle school children who might need additional support
  • Community Education: Theatrical Presentations, Town Meetings and other forums for discussion about substance abuse prevention
  • Safe CASA: A network of parents who have pledged not to serve alcohol to minors in their home

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