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rSchool is a Internet based request service for maintenance, grounds, custodial, and technology related issues. If for example a classroom or office computer is not working properly, rSchool can be used to request maintenance for the computer. rSchool is intended for use by Moorestown Township Public Schools administration and staff.

MTPS has a new Workorder request system for submitting and tracking work requests for both Buildings and Grounds and Technology requests.  This system replaces SchoolDude and is provided by rSchoolToday.  rSchoolToday provides several products to us, and this is one of their newer ones that they are improving continually.

We’ve already pushed out a new shortcut to the desktop of staff members’ Windows computers called, rSchool Workorders, that you may begin to use. The first time you use it, you will need to click on “Become a requester” and fill out your information so that you are setup with an account in the new system (Screen shots below).  After your requester account is approved, you’ll just need to login and click “Create New Workorder” to start submitting workorders.

We’ll be offering some training/overview sessions on this system – for summer staff in the next couple of weeks, and for all staff during school startup.  But, you are free to begin using the system anytime.  SchoolDude has not been renewed, and will become unavailable in the near future.

If you have any trouble using the system, please contact the tech team at your school or the district helpdesk at x18250.

rSchool Work Order
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Genesis Locked Out?

No need to submit an rSchool work order - please call the helpdesk at x18250 or email [email protected]

Outlook Mail FAQ

1.  Outlook:  How do I put my out of the office message on?

     Depends on the version of outlook that you have.  

     A.  Outlook Client 2010:  Click on File-->Info-->Automatic Replies (Out of Office).

     B.  Outlook Client 2003:  Tools-->Out of Office Assistant

     C.  Outlook:  Options-->Out of Office

2.   How do I set my away message on my phone?

     From your phone:  Click the blue message button-->enter password-->dial 9-->dial 1-->dial 2 (this will play your   message)-->Follow instruction to record a new message.

      From your home phone or cell:  Dial your building number, as soon as you hear the message come on dial **.  This will instruct you to enter your mailbox number (your extension number).  Follow prompts.