IT Resources

IT Resources
Posted on 09/03/2020

Technical Support Contact Information
Student and parents may contact the MTPS tech team if experiencing a technical problem at home with the MTPS computer or with the online systems that MTPS supports. 
If you get a busy signal or voicemail, we recommend calling back later or using the email address if possible. Email can be sent to these addresses anytime, and a tech team member will respond as soon as they can.

 School  Email  Telephone (M-F 7:30 am to 3:00 pm)
 Baker  [email protected]  856-778-6630 x 15250
 Roberts  [email protected]  856-778-6635 x 16250
 South Valley  [email protected]  856-778-6640 x 17250
 UES  [email protected]  856-793-0333 x 14250
 WAMS  [email protected]  856-778-6620 x 13250
 MHS  [email protected]  856-778-6610 x 12250
 District  [email protected]  N/A


Internet Accessibility Resources
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