The Moorestown Board of Education operates through a committee structure which involves comprised of board members and administration.  Administrators conduct studies and make recommendations to the Board, acting in an advisory capacity. Committees are not authorized to take action on behalf of the Board. The Board’s standing committees are listed below, with a brief description and the current membership of each.

Board Leadership: President  Sandra Alberti, Vice President David Weinstein

Budget and Finance: The committee is tasked with monitoring and reviewing district finances, developing budget proposals, reviewing both expenditures and revenues, and making recommendations to the Board on financial matters, including revenue generation ideas.

Chair: Dimitri Schneiberg
Sandra Alberti,Jack Fairchild, Mark Villanueva

Communication & Development: The committee is tasked with relaying important communication and initiatives to the district and community at large.

Chair: Mick Weeks
Sandra Alberti, Tinamarie Nicolo-Dorfner, Brandon Pugh

Curriculum and Student Services: The committee is tasked with reviewing information related to district curriculum, including curricular standards, purchases, instruction, and academic offerings.

Chair: David Weinstein
Sandra Alberti, Lauren Romano, Mick Weeks

Operations and Facilities: The committee is tasked with reviewing items related to facility usage, improvements/repairs, construction, energy usage, and other elements related to district operations.

Chair: Mark Villanueva
Sandra Alberti, Jack Fairchild, Mick Weeks

Policy and Governance: The committee is tasked with reviewing, updating, creating, and monitoring district policies and procedures, along with promoting measures for effective Board governance.

Chair: Brandon Pugh
Tinamarie Nicolo-Dorfner, Dimitri Schneiberg, David Weinstein

Residency: The committee meets on an as needed basis to review/hear cases in which a student may be in violation of the district’s residency policies.

Chair: Sandra Alberti
Dimitri Schneiberg, Mick Weeks

The Moorestown Board of Education also has Board Members serving as liaisons to various school, community, and out of district committees/organizations. These committees and organizations are listed below, along with the board member(s) assigned to each.

Burlington County School Boards Association: Brandon Pugh
Garden State Coalition of Schools: Sandra Alberti
Green Team (Sustainable Schools): Mark Villanueva
Health and Safety Committee: Jack Fairchild
Home and School Association: Sandra Alberti Live Civilly: Mick Weeks
Moorestown Education Association (MEF): Sandra Alberti, David Weinstein
MoorArts: Tinamarie Nicolo-Dorfner
New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA): Sandra Alberti, Brandon Pugh
Partnership for Acceleration, Challenge, and Enrichment (PACE): Lauren Romano
Special Education Advocacy Council (SpEAC): Sandra Alberti
Township Recreation Advisory Council: Mark Villanueva