1-to-1 Laptops

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Moorestown is pleased to be able to offer a 1-to-1 laptop program, currently for grades 6-12.

Below are links to some documents related to the 1-to-1 program which must be completed by each student and their parent/guardian.

Tech Support
The best place to get tech support is the technology "helpdesk" for your school (MHS = Room A221.  WAMS = Media Center Tech Office.  UES = Media Center Tech Office.)  You can also send an email to laptopsupport@mtps.com for advice, concerns, questions, or other issues - this email address is sometimes answered after-hours, but is not monitored 24x7.

Accidental Damage
As a reminder, accidental damage of the laptop is covered for 1 major incident per year. Damage that occurs repeatedly will result in fines for repair/replacement of the damage. Damage (even damage that is covered) will now be recorded in the Genesis "fines and fees" section for each student's account.  Covered damage will have a zero charge, but will be listed in Genesis for your information, and further damage may result in a fine.  If you do receive a fine/charge, your access to other areas of Genesis will be restricted until it is paid and processed by MTPS staff.  To make an online payment against a fine, please follow these instructions to access the online payment portal.

Many parents and students have asked about printing at home.  Students are permitted to attempt to hook up and use their at-home printer, but it may or may not work.  Wired (USB) printer connections have a good chance of working, but wireless printers likely will not.  For your convenience, here is a list of printers that Microsoft Windows 10 already has the software for  on our 1-to-1 laptops.  However, there is still no guarantee that your printer will work with the laptop, even if your printer is on this list.

Another option for printing is to use Google Cloud Print which directs print jobs through one's Google account to a printer used by another computer at home.  It is fairly easy to setup and can work with many different printers - even wireless ones.  More details here.

Internet access at home
If you are looking for a low-cost option for Internet access at home, one option is Comcast's Internet Essentials program for student families who qualify. Another source of inexpensive Internet access options is Jersey On.