Equipment for Donation

As approved by the MTPS Board of Education on 12/20/16, and pursuant to Board Policy 7300 and Administrative Regulation 7300.3, the following "items with minimal value" are being offered for donation to any community organization willing to accept the equipment and pay the costs of packing and delivery.

If you represent such an organization and are interested in, or have questions about, any of the equipment below, please contact Mr. Jeff Arey, MTPS Director of Educational Technology, at  

After posting this equipment for donation for several weeks with no interest, it is also being disposed of through other means, so it may no longer be available!  An entity's eligibility to receive a donation from MTPS is the decision of MTPS administration, and MTPS reserves the right to cancel a donation prior to the equipment being picked up, or to modify the list of available equipment at any time.  MTPS makes no guarantee of the usability/condition of the equipment.


  • Quantities available are approximate.
  • Any equipment listed might not come with accessories (monitor, keyboard, mouse, cables, manuals) - please inquire about accessories if you are interested in them in addition to that donation equipment.
  • We do not have any laptop computers available for donation.
 Equipment Details Approx purchase date
3COM NBX 100 telephone system NBX V3000(3), NBX Gateway Chassis (7), NBX 100 Communications System (3), NBX Call processor (3), multiple cards for Gateway chassis, multiple 3COM phone sets.  May not include any hard drives/storage devices.  Unknown operable condition. around 2005?
4 Older Dell computers GX115 (2), GX270 (1), GX150 (1).  broken/Unknown operable condition. 2/01-7/03
10 Dell GX620 computers Unknown operable condition.
2 Shuttle SB61G2 computers Unknown operable condition.
17 Dell GX740 computers Most broken or missing parts.  Others have unknown operable condition. 7/2008
10 Apple iMac A1224 computers 3 damaged, 7 okay 7/08-7/09

180 Dell GX380 computers most okay, some with problems or missing components 6/10-6/11
12 Avermedia SPB 370 document cameras Broken 7/08-11/09
23 various inkjet printers Canon and Epson.  Broken, cartridges removed  7/05-7/14
3 dell laser printers 1700, 1710N, 5210N.  Broken, cartridges and other parts removed 7/05-7/06
10 Lightspeed soundfield wall speakers believed to be in working condition around 2007
Misc A/V equipment computer speakers (1), Califone cassette recorders (4), VCR's (2 - broken), 5" portable B/W TV/Radio (1), overhead tradiitonal projector (1), computer monitor (damaged - 1), Tascam FW-1804 midi interface (1), Tascam CD-RW750 CD recorder (1), DVD/VCR Combos (several - all broken), technics 5 CD player (1), Hartke HA2500 Amp (1), GE 25GT505 TV (1), visioneer 7400 scanner (1).  Anything not listed as broken/damage has an unknown operational status.  varies
26 LCD Projectors Hitachi models X265, X417, X3010, X3011, X3015 - all are broken and/or have their lamp removed. 2007-2013
8 Compaq server computers Most have some physical damage and/or parts removed.  Unknown operational status.  NO HARD DRIVES pre-2000?
~50 Dell server computers Poweredge 350, 500SC, 650, 750, 850, 1400, 1400SC, 1550, 1600SC, 1750, 1850, 2400, 2500, 2600, 2800, 2850, 2950, 4400.  Various quantities of each.  Unknown operational status.  NO HARD DRIVES 2001-2008
9 Cisco switches model WS-C2960-24TC-L V05.  Good operating condition. 10/2008
1 Cisco switch Model WS-C2960-24PC-L V02.  Good operating condition. 10/2008
1 APC UPS Unknown operating condition.  Battery removed. 2/2004