Administration Building
803 North Stanwick Road
(856) 778-6600


Interim Superintendent: Dr. Leonard Fitts

Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Innovation: Dr. Karen Benton

Business Administrator / Board Secretary: James Heiser

Director of Human Resources, Inclusion and Diversity: Carole Butler

Director of Educational Technology and Innovation: Jeffrey Arey

Director of Special Education: Dr. David Tate

Confidential Administrative Assistants:

  • Superintendent - Maria Appalucci ext. 18001
  • Curriculum, Instruction and Innovation - Margie Cartagena ext. 18020
  • Business Administrator - Yolanda Crespo ext. 18150
  • Human Resources, Inclusion and Diversity - Janiell Tomlinson ext. 18260

Administrative Staff:
  • IT Project and Service Manager: Wayne Creitz
  • Assistant School Business Administrator: Victoria LaSalle
  • Payroll/Benefits/Pension/Attendance Coordinator: Sherry Davis  
  • Special Projects Manager: Lauren McGlone  
  • Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds: William Hurley  
  • Supervisor of Transportation: Greg Cohen
District Principals:


Moorestown High School: (856) 778-6610
Principal Andrew Seibel
Assistant Principals Don Williams and Robert McGough
   350 Bridgeboro Road

William Allen Middle School: (856) 778-6620
Principal Matthew Keith
Assistant Principal Cheryl Caravano
   801 North Stanwick Road 

 Moorestown Upper Elementary School: (856) 793-0333
Principal Susan Powell
Assistant Principals Michael D'Ascenzo and Dr. Michele Hassall
   325 Borton Landing Road 

George C. Baker Elementary School
: (856) 778-6630
Principal Michele Rowe
   139 West Maple Avenue 

Mary E. Roberts Elementary School:
 (856) 778-6635
Principal Brian Carter
   290 Crescent Ave. 

South Valley Elementary School
: (856) 778-6640
Principal Heather Hackl
   210 South Stanwick Road 


- Arts and Technology: Patricia Rowe
   Visual & Performing Arts
   Business & Careers
   Educational Technology/Computers
   Technology Education
- Guidance Services: Kat D'Ambra
Humanities: Roseth Rodriguez
   Social Science
   World Languages
- Language Arts: Jaqueline Brownell
   Media Center
- Math: Julie Colby
- Physical Education: Shawn Counard

- Science: Gavin Quinn
- Secondary Special Education: Cindy Moskalow
- Elementary Special Education: Leslie Wyers