In light of questions surrounding the 2020 Health Standards, all of our health curriculum guides have had more specificity added to them as of August 2022.  These further details include the “scope”, the broadness of what is taught, and the “sequence”, the order in which items are taught.   You will notice that the links to our Health documents now say “scope and sequence” to make it clear that they have been updated.  The dates on the documents themselves have not changed because that is when the Health curriculum itself was approved by the Board.  The curriculum was not rewritten, so dates have not been changed.  We have simply added further details in the guides about what we are teaching in the existing, approved curriculum.  

Previously, after the “Pacing Guide” in the document, it simply said “See Supervisor for Details”.  There were no further details publicly available.  Now, instead of “See Supervisor for Details” we have added those details including units, the “big ideas” being covered in those units, as well as the specific learning objectives.  When you open each document, you will find a Table of Contents.  Once there, if you want to jump past the information that you, as a member of the public, might not wish to comb through, you can click on the hyperlink that says “Units Scope and Sequence” and you will be brought to the information that you are likely looking for.

If you review and still have questions, please ask to speak to your child’s principal who can set up a meeting where your concerns can be addressed in greater detail.  If after having that conversation, you still have concerns, we have a process where your student can be excused from certain health instruction by completing an “Excusal from class or program form” and turn it in to your principal.

Photo by Gemma Dey