Information Technology

Director of Educational Technology and Innovation
Jeff Arey
ext. 18251
  • Oversees the operation of the IT Department.
  • Works with administrators, supervisors, teachers, the Board, and others to develop the district's technology program and achieve district goals.
  • Develops the sections of the budget related to educational technology.
Project and Service Manager
 Wayne Creitz
ext. 18254
  • Plans and monitors status of IT-related projects to ensure they are completed. 
  • Responsible for the IT (Information Technology) department’s response to district-wide requests for assistance. 
  • Responsible for tracking and coordinating the status and priority of outstanding work obligations of IT Technicians and Support Assistants.  
Network Engineer
Seiji Hashimoto
  • Responsible for the reliable, secure, and cost effective operation of the district-wide computer network environment.
Systems Engineer
 Vince Lavecchio

ext. 18255
  • Responsible for the reliable, secure, and cost effective operation of the district-wide cloud-/server-based software systems and services.
Applications Administrator
Kate Esaia
ext. 18253
  • Ensures that the district application systems work as efficiently, accurately, and securely as possible for all users. 
  • Submit data to the federal and NJ state reporting systems to ensure MTPS’s compliance with their requirements
Associate Applications Administrator
Karen Mead
ext. 18252
  • Assists the Applications Administrator in ensuring that the district application systems work as efficiently, accurately, and securely as possible for all users.
  • Maintains the district online payment systems and web site. Supports other staff members in maintaining their content on the website.
Network Administrator
Albert Pineiro
  •  Providing support for users, servers, and networking equipment.
Cherita Harrell
Colleen Cary
Dylan Glecker
Larry Caruso
Mark Neal
David Smith
  • Responsible for supporting all end-user equipment and software.
  • Assist users in utilizing the functionality of the technology available to them.
IT Support Assistant

  • Responds to workorders.
  • Configures, installs, and removes equipment and software as directed.

IT Department Mission
The IT department strives to provide high-quality, timely technical resources to support the academic and administrative uses of technology and data across the district.
The department does this by:
  1. Installing and maintaining the behind-the-scenes infrastructure. This includes the wired and wireless computer network within and between buildings, the servers that house computer programs and data, the district Internet connection, and the district telephone systems.
  2. Purchasing, installing and maintaining the end user infrastructure. This includes desktop and laptop computers, printers, projectors, and telephone sets.
  3. Purchasing, installing and maintaining software systems and programs used for academic and administrative purposes.
  4. Providing specialized skills as needed to set up new software systems, move data between systems, and to support data-based decision making. 

Listing of items covered or not covered by IT
Approved Software List

Technology Plan

MTPS Full Technology Plan 16-19

Future Ready Schools Certification
During the 16-17 school year a Future Ready Schools - New Jersey (FRS) program and associated certification was introduced to New Jersey.  This program encourages schools to become better prepared for digital learning for staff and students and recognizes accomplishments toward that goal.  A team from MTPS attended information sessions about this program to learn more about it.  We determined that it was an excellent alignment with MTPS's existing initiatives around technology in leadership and education.

MTPS did not generate a certification submission in the 16-17 school year, but committed to going through the process for the 17-18 school year with the intention of submitting for certification by June 30, 2018.  In September 2017, The Board voted to approve our pursuit of the FRS process for two schools: WAMS and MHS (we may pursue certification for additional schools in future years).  As part of this process a diverse team of administrators, teachers, support staff, and board members began meeting to work on the technology, leadership, and educational "indicators" of the FRS program and gathering evidence to support our submission for certification.  We made great strides in putting this information together and gained approval from the Board to submit the FRS documentation in June, 2018.  On October Both schools were awarded the bronze level of certification (the highest they were eligible for) at a ceremony on October 25, 2018 at the NJ School Boards Convention.

The FRS process has been both challenging and enlightening.  The FRS committee has found many areas where we excel in being future ready.  We have also found areas where we have not made as much progress as we would like, but that has inspired us to review those areas now and into the future to improve digital learning opportunities for students.  

Thank you to everyone who has been involved with the FRS process!

Staff members report technology problems to the IT department using a web-based work order system. The IT department can also be reached by telephone at 856-778-6600 ext 18250.