StopIt Incident Reporting

MTPS utilizes an online service called "StopIt" for parents, students, or staff to anonymously report serious concerns to school administration such as threats or vandalism related to the schools or the people within them.  We do encourage you to talk to administrators, guidance counselors, teachers, law enforcement, or other relevant people whenever you have a concern, but this system gives one alternative option for reporting problems. 

Information about the StopIt system in general

Reporting an incident using StopIt can be done through two main ways:
- The StopIt reporting website.
- Downloading, installing, and using the StopIt app from Google Play or Apple App Store

The StopIt Incident reporting tool will first ask you to search for and select your school, then provide as much detail as possible about the incident before submitting it.  Of course, in an emergency, dial 911.