Equipment for Donation

As approved by the MTPS Board of Education, and pursuant to Board Policy 7300 and Administrative Regulation 7300.3, the following "items with minimal value" are being offered for donation to any local non-profit community organization willing to accept the equipment and pay the costs of packing and delivery.

If you represent such an organization and are interested in, or have questions about, any of the equipment below, please contact the MTPS staff member listed as that contact for that equipment type below.

An entity's eligibility to receive a donation from MTPS is the decision of MTPS administration, and MTPS reserves the right to cancel a donation prior to the equipment being picked up, or to modify the list of available equipment at any time.  MTPS makes no guarantee of the usability/condition of the equipment.


  • Quantities available are approximate.
  • Any equipment listed might not come with accessories (monitor, keyboard, mouse, cables, manuals) - please inquire about accessories if you are interested in them in addition to that donation equipment.
 Equipment Details Approx purchase date
TECH/AV Contact:  Jeff Arey, [email protected]
Several Apple iMac EMC2210,  EMC2266, EMC2308, EMC2496 computers 9 total, 3 damaged.  No hard drive in any of them. 2008-2012
8 iMac EMC2544 computers 1 damaged. 2012-2013
Several iMac EMC2638 computers Some damaged 2013-2015
100+ Dell Optiplex 3010 desktop computers Core i3 3rd gen processor, 4GB RAM, 250GB SATA Hard drive.  Most okay, some with problems or missing components.  NO MONITORS. 11/2012
300+ Lenovo Yoga11 Thinkpad laptops Bootable laptops typically with uncracked touchscreen, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD.  HD is wiped.  Stickers and sticker residue, some damage to be expected.  Touchpad, keyboard, camera, touchscreen, ports, etc. haven't been fully tested so may or may not work.  Includes power adapter (untested).  May or may not have a battery, and it battery condition is unknown. 2014
50+ Dell Latitude e5430 laptops Unknown working condition Dell e5430 notebook computers, though they are physically intact. Stickers and sticker residue, some damage to be expected.  Includes power cord.  Specs vary, but typically has an i3 2.26GHz, 4GB RAM, 14" screen, DVD, battery.  No software installed.  2013-2014