World Languages

Supervisor: Roseth Rodriguez ext. 12038
[email protected]

The study of a world language is an essential component of a 21st century education.  In our interdependent world, knowledge of a second language is vital in many fields, including business, law, political science, and medicine.  Knowing another language not only helps to develop an awareness and understanding of people with different cultures and lifestyles, but it also helps develop a better understanding of your own language.   

At the elementary level, students will begin their exposure to world languages with Spanish.  By grade 7, students can choose to study French, Latin, or Spanish. 

Summer Testing

Students who are NEW to Moorestown - 2023

Welcome to Moorestown! If you are new to the district and are interested in testing into a World Language course above level one for example Spanish II, Honors French II or Honors Latin II or above, please register for the test below. Roseth Rodriguez, the Supervisor of Humanities, will contact you prior to testing to discuss your child's world language history.


  • Books can be picked up in the High School Guidance Office based on the schedule below.
  • Availability is limited and NOT ALL books are available.
  • A balance of $100 will appear on the account of students requesting textbooks.
  • Failure to return the textbook will prevent students from receiving their schedules prior to school opening in September.
  • Books are due back to the High School Guidance Office by August 21, or the student's account will be charged the full, non-refundable cost of the book.

 Book Borrowing Schedule:

  • Requests made by Monday, June 12 will be available by Monday, June 19.
  • Requests made by Monday, June 19 will be available by Monday, June 26.
  • Requests made by Monday, July 3 will be available by Monday, July 10.
  • No requests will be honored after July 3.

Online Resources
 The following website links are to be used for student enrichment purposes. These resources are simply for additional opportunities for exploration of concepts.  The World Languages Department staff may use some of these sites within their classrooms as well as a variety of other resources to enrich learning. 
Websites provided below may contain content or advertisements that are not endorsed by Moorestown Township Board of Education.