Special Education

Welcome to the Special Education Information Page

Moorestown Township Public School District is committed to providing a continuum of services to address the needs of students with disabilities.  It is the intent of the special education department to meet the needs of individual students through specialized programming, and to ensure they receive an appropriate educational experience regardless of learning differences. 

Moorestown Township Public
Schools provides a range of special education programs and services to our students who have Individual Education Programs (IEPs). Based on IEP recommendations, students with disabilities have access to many learning environments. This includes in-class support, resource centers, self-contained classrooms, as well as both Preschool Disabled (PSD) and integrated preschool classrooms. At Moorestown High School, we offer Community Based Instruction (CBI) and Structured Learning Experiences (SLE) in our state recognized school to work transitions program.  In addition to special education programs, MTPS provides related services such as speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, behavioral supports, and counseling. All of these services are provided based on IEP recommendations.

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Moorestown Township Public School District
Child Study Team

350 Bridgeboro Rd
Moorestown, NJ 08057
856-778-6610 x12101
Fax: 856-900-6017

 David J. Tate, EdD  Leslie Wyers Francisco Santiago
 Director of Special Education  PreK-6 Special Education/ 7-12+ Special Education/
 856-778-6610 x12101  Speech Supervisor OT/ESL Supervisor
   856-793-0363 x14130 856-778-6610 x12101

Administrative Assistants

Kathi Vogdes x12101
Barbara Bishop  x12102
tbd x12103
Wendie Weatherwalks  x12104

Child Study Team Contact Information
Tahira Aziz-Logan Psychologist Baker
Jennifer Williams Social Worker Roberts
Sandra Silveri Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant South Valley
Liz Matarese Speech Language Specialist South Valley
Sandy Foulks Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant
Upper Elementary 
Dr. Mary Elberson Psychologist Upper Elementary
Breanne Swedler  Social Worker/District Homeless Liaison Upper Elementary
Anthony Rizzo Psychologist Elementary Schools
Shannon Gallagher  Psychologist Middle School
Christine Shanahan  Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant Middle School
Anne LaMont  Psychologist High School
Ashley Chiolan  Psychologist High School
Valerie Shopp Social Worker High School
Sarah Dubin Learning Disabilities Teacher/Consultant High School
Dr. Jill Carey-Melton Psychologist District