Moorestown Special Education Advocacy Council (SpEAC)


To positively impact the education of all students with an emphasis on those with special needs representing students and parents of students needing or receiving education services.  This is accomplished via the following mandate.


  • Advisory representatives will include parents, administration, BOE and professional staff.
  • Assemble and distribute resource information concerning all aspects of education (including academic, social, and psychological programs/services) within Moorestown Township Public School district (MTPS) and the community.
  • Facilitate communication between schools, parents, and the community.
  • Clarify processes from identification, evaluation, classification and implementation of programs and services.
  • Advise MTPS on subjects pertaining to special education and advocate improvements.
    Facilitate programs for individual school constituencies.
  • Provide parent outreach.
  • Meet monthly with administration in Student Services.
  • Meet four times per school year with Superintendent.
    Conduct 2 district-wide meetings with parents.
  • Attend monthly Board of Education meetings.
    Attend monthly Home & School and Executive Board meetings.
  • Participate in the process of selection of MTPS administrators.
Representatives from BOE and from Student Services will advise SpEAC and attend SpEAC meetings.