CST Referral Process

The CST Referral Process

How is a student referred for a Child Study Team Evaluation?
Students between the ages of 3 and 21 suspected of having an educational disability may be referred to the Child Study Team for an evaluation. Referrals are made through a variety of sources, but generally come from school personnel (through the I&RS Team) or by the child's parent/guardian. A parent referral should be addressed to the Director of the Child Study Team, who assigns the referral to a designated Case Manager. Parents may contact the Director via email or regular mail.

What is the procedure after the referral is made?
Once the referral has been made, the Case Manager will schedule an Evaluation Planning Meeting within 20 days of request. Meeting attendees will include a social worker, psychologist, learning disabilities teacher-consultant, classroom teacher, speech and language specialist (if the suspected disability included that area or the child was age 3-5) and certainly the parent.

Are students automatically tested if the request is made?
No. Once a request for a Child Study Team evaluation is made an Identification Meeting must be scheduled. At that meeting it is determined if a Child Study Team Evaluation is warranted and if so an Evaluation Plan is developed.

What is the procedure if the student is going to be tested?
Once it is determined that a Child Study Team evaluation is necessary, an assessment plan is developed and the parent/guardian provides written permission. The agreed upon evaluation will be completed within 90 days of parent consent. Within the 90 days an Eligibility Conference will be held, during which time the evaluations are interpreted and it is determined if the student is eligible for special education and/or related services.