Equipment For Sale

The Tech and Buildings and Grounds departments invite you to purchase the following USED equipment no longer needed by the district. A few notes:

  • All sales are final.
  • Equipment is sold in used, as-is condition.
  • The "Buy Now" buttons allow you to purchase the one described item (in any quantity). If you want to purchase several different items you will need to go through the "Buy Now" process for each different item.
  • The Tech or B&G departments will contact you when your equipment is ready for pickup. Please bring ID or your receipt when picking up equipment!  We do not ship equipment.

Please also check out our items available for donation to community organizations.  If you are  interested in some of that equipment (as a community organization for donation, or as an individual for purchase), please contact us.

 Tech Items - Contact Jeff Arey with Questions
Apple iMac A1224 (EMC2266) DAMAGED DAMAGED used Apple iMac Desktop computer with NO power cord, keyboard, or mouse. Typical configuration: Core 2 Duo 2.66Ghz processor, 2GB of RAM, 20" display screen @ 1680x1050 resolution. 320GB Hard drive. Purchased initially in July, 2009. No software installed - it comes with INSTRUCTIONS for how to install/recover the Apple OS X operating system onto the computer (Requires internet connectivity!). These computers  typically have a cracked screen and/or problematic hard drive. Approximate Specifications  $SOLD OUT

 iPad Used, working condition Apple iPad Air, Generation 2 tablet computer originally purchased in ~2015.  9.7" touchscreen.  16GB of internal storage.  Includes a used STM Case/cover.  Does NOT include power/charger cable and does NOT include power adapter wall plug.  The iPad has its original battery.  The screen is intact.  the overall unit has some minor cosmetic dings, dents, scratches.  This model of iPad cannot be updated beyond iOS software version 15.x, and may not be able to run certain iPad apps as a result. $SOLD OUT
Dell Optiplex 3010 Desktop Computer  SFF Desktop computer with typically: Core i3 3rd gen processor, 4GB of RAM, 250 SATA Hard Drive, CD-RW drive. May have a Windows 7 product key sticker on it and may have Windows 7 installed. If desired, it comes with a power cord, keyboard, and mouse. Does NOT come with a monitor. Any software installed on the computer is the responsibility of the buyer. Specifications $20
 Apple iMac EMC2544 desktop computer Working condition used iMac A1418 model MD093LL/A desktop computer circa late 2012/early 2013.  Generally, these have: 21.5" screen, core i5 2.7 processor, 8GB of RAM, 1TB hard drive.  NO keyboard, NO mouse.  Includes a non-Apple power cord.  Mac OSX software is NOT installed, but you may "recover" it from the Internet using your home Internet connection.
 Dell Latitude e5430 laptop Working condition used Dell Latitude e5430 notebook computer. Typically has an i3-3120M 2.50GHz processor, 4GB RAM, 120+GB Hard drive, DVD, 14” screen, 6-cell battery (probably original to the laptop, so not sure how much life is left in it).  Includes a Dell power cord/adapter.  Built-in keyboard has all of its keys.  Has cover scratches/scrapes/sticker residue and possibly some minor plastic cracks and minor surface dents.  May have a Windows 7 product key sticker on it and may have Windows 7 installed. Any software installed on the computer is the responsibility of the buyer.  $45
 Apple MacBook Pro 13" laptop, late 2011 (Model#A1278) Working condition used Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer from late 2011, model #A1278.  13" Screen, Intel i5 2.4Ghz processor, 4GB of RAM, 500GB hard drive (5400rpm), Intel HD 3000 384MB video card.  Includes a PARTIAL Apple power cable/adapter (it has the prongs directly on the power brick, which plugs into the wall, not the extender cable that allows the power brick to sit on the floor.  The power cable works fine as-is, it just needs some space around the outlet when you plug it into the wall).  The laptop has minor cosmetic blemishes on the case. OSX High Sierra 10.13 is likely installed on the laptop, but is the responsibility of the buyer, and may be "recovered" from the Internet using your home Internet connection. Sold Out
 Hitachi CP-X417 Projector Working Condition used LCD Projector unit including power cord. Brightness: 3000 lumens. Contrast ratio: 400:1. Resolution: 1024x768(non-widescreen). Manufacturer's date varies, but is approximately 2007-2009. No other connector cords/cables are included. No Manual. The lamp/bulb life is UNKNOWN and may be near the end of its lifespan. User Manual NONE AVAILABLE
 Building and Grounds Items - Contact Wilson Quintero with Questions