Meet the Board of Education

Moorestown Township Public Schools Board of Education
 Statement: Excellence, Equity, & Engagement Via Partnership

Through our mission statement, excellence, equity & engagement via partnership, the Board of Education expects that all students will achieve the New Jersey Core Content Curriculum Standards at all grade levels.

The Moorestown Board of Education is comprised of nine members who are elected for a three year term. These are volunteer members who are not compensated for their services. The Moorestown Board of Education is organized with a committee structure and is responsible for establishing policies for the district and for the review of the Superintendent. Moorestown Board of Education Members' term expire on the date of the January Moorestown Board of Education reorganization meeting at the end of each member's three year term.

Board of Education Members

Mark Villanueva, Esq.
Term expires January 2026

Cheryl Makopoulos
Term expires January 2025
Melissa Arcaro Burns
Term expires January 2025

Jill Fallows Macaluso
Term expires January 2025
Brooke Mailhiot
Term expires January 2024

Danielle Miller
Term expires January 2026

Claudine Morano
Term expires January 2026

Lauren Romano
Term expires January 2024

Maurice Weeks
Term expires January 2024

Central Administration
  • Interim Superintendent: Mr. Joe Bollendorf
  • Board Secretary: James Heiser, CPA

Community Input (NEW!)

The leadership of the Moorestown Township Public Schools values the opinions and input of students, staff, parents, and community members on any topic. We welcome such engagement and are continuously looking at multiple ways in which to foster such an environment. This form is one of those ways:
Community Input for Board Reports